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15 Best AI Chatbots for Customer Support

ai bot customer service

Engage with shoppers on social media and turn customer conversations into sales with Heyday, our dedicated conversational AI chatbot for social commerce retailers. For real-time interactions, support bots can really have some major benefits both to your team and your customers. Just remember that AI is a virtual assistant, it is there to help your human agents do their jobs better – it can never replace them entirely. At Intercom, we are deeply embracing automation and bots to help businesses dramatically enhance their customer experience, creating better customer relationships, and achieve faster growth.

ai bot customer service

AI-based analytics of product inventory, logistics, and historical sales trends can instantly offer dynamic forecasting. AI can even use logic based on these forecasts to automatically scale inventory to ensure there’s more reliable availability with minimal excess stock. These tools can automatically detect an incoming language and then translate an equivalent message to an agent and vice versa.

How our infrastructure scales alongside our customers

More than just a chatbot, Zendesk provides AI-driven recommendations to agents and customers, enhancing interaction efficiency. It also boasts robust ticketing and help desk capabilities, including built-in voice calling, simplifying managing ai bot customer service support across different channels. Engati is a Gen-AI chatbot tool powered by eSenseGPT that uses machine learning to predict customer needs. With some training, Engati can help generate leads, close sales, and answer customer queries.

3CX also provides detailed reports pulling data from team calls and live chat history. Customer service reps enjoy chatbots because they free up time spent answering basic questions on the phone with customers. Artificial intelligence (AI) is radically redefining the customer support landscape. From automated messages to visual search, AI customer service chatbots allow companies to better support their customers’ needs at more touch points along their journey. By automating these tasks, companies can reduce the workload for customer support teams, provide faster and more efficient customer responses, and improve the overall customer experience. Built on ChatGPT, Fin allows companies to build their own custom AI chatbots using Intercom’s tools and APIs.

How to create a customer service AI chatbot

Zendesk already provides some AI and bot capabilities within our Suite offerings today, including standard bots, macros, and knowledge in the context panel. The Advanced AI add-on unlocks new AI capabilities, including advanced bots, AI-powered tools for agents, intelligent triage, and macro suggestions for admins. Surface relevant responses to support agents in the console based on the context of the conversation. Drive efficiency and boost agent productivity with AI-generated summaries for any work, order, or interaction.

Businesses can also deploy chatbots to offer self-service resources for new employees, helping new hires assimilate more easily into your company culture. HR and IT chatbots can help new hires access information about organizational policies and provide answers to common questions. To encourage feedback, chatbots can be programmed to offer incentives—like discount codes or special offers—in exchange for survey participation. Companies can also search and analyze chatbot conversation logs to identify problems, frequently asked questions, and popular products and features. In our CX Trends Report, 37 percent of agents surveyed said that customers become visibly frustrated or stressed when they can’t complete simple tasks on their own. Chatbots can help mitigate that by providing self-service options so customers can take care of basic issues independently or quickly find information when it’s most convenient.

Support chatbots help – but don’t replace – customer service agents

The customizable templates, NLP capabilities, and integration options make it a user-friendly option for businesses of all sizes. Infobip’s chatbot building platform, Answers, helps you design your ideal conversation flow with a drag-and-drop builder. It allows you to create both rules-based and intent-based chatbots, with the latter using AI and NLP to recognize user intent, process information, and provide a human-like conversational experience. Although AI chatbots are an application of conversational AI, not all chatbots are programmed with conversational AI. For instance, rule-based chatbots use simple rules and decision trees to understand and respond to user inputs.

Amplify.ai also offers a chatbot tool for your Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and SMS inbox. Aivo offers AI-backed solutions, including voice and campaign creator tools. Ingest AI works with various AI models, including ChatGPT, GTP-4, Dall-E, Google Bard, and more. Plus, if your business operates internationally, Engati offers over 50 languages, meaning all your customers will be supported. You won’t have to worry about this bot giving your customers wonky answers to their questions.

Artificial Intelligence Examples from Real Brands in 2023

Smarter AI for customer care can be deployed on any cloud or on-premises environment you want. Ten trends every CX leader needs to know in the era of intelligent CX, a seismic shift that will be powered by AI, automation, and data analytics. However, configuring Einstein GPT does require a high level of technical expertise and developer support which makes it difficult to deploy or execute change management. And since Salesforce doesn’t offer many pre-trained models, it’s difficult for the average user to assist with the initial setup process and future updates. Get the latest research, industry insights, and product news delivered straight to your inbox. Using these suggestions, agents can pick from potential next steps that have been carefully calculated for viability.

ai bot customer service

After all, as the AI said in the third verse of its poem, sometimes folks just need — and want — to talk to a person. Remember SmarterChild, the snarky yet informative AOL instant messenger chatbot? By today’s standards, it’s a rudimentary chatbot, but it had a sarcastic personality that at its peak entertained 250,000 people per day.

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AI chatbots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, reducing the need for manual intervention. Plus, they can handle a large volume of requests and scale effortlessly, accommodating your company’s growth without compromising on customer support quality. An AI chatbot is a program within a website or app that uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to interpret inputs and understand the intent behind a request.

ai bot customer service

Get started quickly and accelerate time to value by easily building and deploying a bot with a template or from scratch. Choose from a variety of templates that deliver customized solutions tailored to your cloud or use case. You can build bots in seconds with templates that include intent data, flows, and conversation design. As well as fully resolving simple questions, Gladly can speed up response times by offering agents suggested responses, summarizing conversations, and recommending next steps. There’s a lot to consider when deciding on an AI provider for your customer service — from integration capabilities to data protection policies.


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