Building a Supportive Sober Network for Lasting Recovery

They are also inappropriate for those who are actively abusing a substance and need to undergo primary inpatient rehab first. Such tension is typical of the legal back-and-forth that can arise when sober living home operators, and their neighbors, wind up in court. Get you or your loved one help for addiction or mental health issues today. Celebrate milestones by acknowledging your achievements with your sober network.

In summary, our study attempted to better understand the mechanisms through which social environments affect recovery outcomes. It does appear that affiliating with others who are more recovered helps the low recovery resident. Social capital theory [22] may help explain the finding, as recovery homes may increase social capital by sharing bonds through friendships, loaning, and advice seeking. However, it is still unclear what occurs in the dyadic relations that influence how social capital arises and its role is in these situations.

Selecting the Right Individuals for Your Network

Be prepared to be willing to forgive minor mistakes that the people who would like to support you may make as they learn how to be there for you. When you are new to recovery, you may find it challenging to determine who would be a good fit for your support network. Begin by creating a list of personal traits individuals who support your recovery should possess.

  • Creating and nurturing such a network can significantly enhance the chances of successful and lasting recovery.
  • Additionally, maintaining your sobriety typically requires a home that is free of substances.
  • One of the key factors in achieving and sustaining sobriety is building a supportive sober network.
  • Becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol for socialization can further limit an individual’s natural ability to socialize.

Overall, it is a cheaper alternative to residential or inpatient treatment centers, where treatment services are provided. Some are owned by businesses or religious groups, but the majority of homes are run privately, most often by groups of sober people who form an informal agreement to have a sober living arrangement. Although there are inherent benefits in sober living, it is not a suitable solution to everyone. There are some factors to consider when deciding whether sober living is right or you or not. If you have previously spent time at rehab and it was unsuccessful, maybe the peer to peer model of sober living might help you maintain long-term recovery.

What Is a Sober Living Home?

“We are a very reputable sober living housing company that specializes in placing mid-high income clientele into high quality sober living properties, in order to facilitate recovery in a quiet, considerate, and respectful manner….. We pride ourselves on creating a conducive atmosphere for individuals to receive the treatment they need, while feeling almost as comfortable as if they were living in their own home. Behind the scenes, though, court documents show that the Scolaris also were not impressed with how their corporate business partner, Sobertec, handled the properties.

  • In May, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach, introduced a bill to change the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act to allow local governments to regulate – and potentially ban – sober living homes.
  • Some people are so excited to have completed a rehab program that they don’t fully realize the importance of building a support network.
  • Ties in Oxford House where positive change in RF occurred (Gold color is low RF resident; Green is high RF resident; White is neither high or low RF).
  • A sober house is intended to provide a safe haven for those recovering from addiction by offering a structured, substance-free environment devoid of triggers.
  • Are you on the path to recovery from addiction and striving to maintain a life of sobriety?

Your support network will provide you more than a group of people you can call. As you expand your horizons and meet new people, you will improve your likelihood of finding new, positive opportunities that can lead to employment, access to helpful resources, and healthy, valuable personal relationships. Chances are that you were introduced to the concept of recovery groups and may have even joined a group prior to graduating from your treatment program.

Building Your Sober Support System

The Care Manager licenses the app for professional use and creates a group of clients which is secure, private and encrypted thereby protecting all data that is entered. SoberSystems® has a suite of features including daily check-in, reports, Lifelines, Rewards, Goals, Alerts, Reminders and Schedules. The Care Manager then acts as a monitor for a client’s daily activity and progress, making SoberSystems® a true 24/7 sentry that actively assists in an individual’s daily battle against active addiction.

They should avoid exposing you to known stressors that may trigger a relapse. They should also avoid engaging in behavior that may make it easier for you to relapse or may increase the likelihood of relapse. Since 1999, Harold Jonas, PhD, LMHC, CAP has been at the center of Sober Network® Inc., and each of its related digital properties, as Founder and CEO.

Sober Living, Day 3: Lawsuits pile up; drive couple out of business

Oxford Houses are gendered and accordingly, gender was included as a house-level predictor. We also evaluated residents’ employment status as employed, unemployed, or other forms of income (disability, student, retirement). We classified residents as either having a high school education, GED or less, versus those with some college, technical school or college degree. Participants were part of a longitudinal study that collected information every four months over 2 years, for a total of 7 waves (only 6 waves were used in the present study to conform to findings from [9]). Participants were recruited and interviewed by field research staff in face-to-face meetings. Permission was obtained through the DePaul University Institutional Review Board.

sober network properties

Rehab centers in Thailand and Bali can have dedicated sober living facilities attached or affiliated with primary treatment centers. This is useful for patients who want to continue with their inpatient rehabilitation provider. Other centers specialize in sober living and extended care provision with programs specifically designed for secondary care and arrested relapse.

Repair Quality Relationships Damaged by Addiction

Working to build and expand your support network will help you become a healthier, more active member of your community. The current study helps us better understand the therapeutic nature of a recovery-supportive social environment. In a sense, both relationships and behaviors are endogenous, mutually interacting entities that co-evolve over time. Recovery house social environments can change quickly in response to composition change or individual change, and they are highly interdependent both socially and instrumentally.

A sober house is intended to provide a safe haven for those recovering from addiction by offering a structured, substance-free environment devoid of triggers. Even people who readily extend themselves to support your recovery post-rehab may require considerable time and patience to learn how to support you. Therefore, you should normalize clear, open communication and always communicate your needs while you allow the members of your support network to learn and adjust. You should also become more responsive and be willing to answer the phone or otherwise provide a timely response when a member of your support network reaches out to you to inquire about your well-being.

Levels of Care in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Let’s face it, your addiction recovery journey will likely be filled with many ups and downs. From seeking professional addiction treatment to building a sober support network, there are many individuals you can lean on throughout recovery. Whether you are looking for motivation or people to keep you accountable, your sober support network provides constant love and support as you begin to take back control over your life. At Pathways Recovery, we provide a comprehensive range of treatment programs to help as many individuals as possible break free of addiction for good.

  • SoberSystems® has a suite of features including daily check-in, reports, Lifelines, Rewards, Goals, Alerts, Reminders and Schedules.
  • If you or someone you know has recently quit drinking alcohol and is now sober—congratulations, quitting alcohol can be a long and difficult process.
  • A patient attends the treatment clinic or counselling center during the day while undergoing treatment, then returning home after treatment or during the weekends.
  • If you’re having a hard time adjusting to a sober life, reach out to a mental health professional who specializes in addiction and substance use.
  • In the cases where recovery factor scores did not increase, the low recovery factor individuals had few social network ties with the high recovery residents.

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