Online Dating Service Zoosk Discloses Just How Women Feel About ‘Nice Guys’

Here is just how Women *Really* experience ‘Nice Guys’

Do good men really finish final? Its a concern that men and women have-been inquiring and re-asking by themselves for decades, also it depends on the presence of another notion — that mean guys, or even the stereotypical «bad boy» finishes 1st. 

As, the stereotype goes, get friendly with a woman, listen to the girl, honor their, and treat her right, plus virtually no time she will end up being whining for your requirements about how exactly some jerk with a motorcycle won’t return her texts. 

It’d be silly to imagine things like this never ever happens. But is additionally, it silly to imagine it’s the rule? Would be the leather-based jacket-sporting, sex-demanding, unacceptable pic-sending terrible boys truly the types with all the current luck?

The folks at Zoosk, among premiere online dating hookup sites nowadays today, wished to look into the matter. Are ladies actually shying away from dudes just who’ll address all of them correct, or is that simply a lot of traditional misogynistic hogwash? 

Well, because of information from some of Zoosk’s millions of users, we now have a far greater idea of in which situations stay. Look:


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You got that right — seems like wonderful men don’t have it so incredibly bad, most likely. Very to all the you poor boys online… appears to be you have to clean up your work.